Colored Pencil Artwork

Seeing something coming to life on paper is one of the greatest thrills one can have. My art is very eclectic, loving the diversity of life and all that is in it. Each and every one of my pieces of art has a part of me in them. Everywhere I go I see things that will make a great piece of art. I now see the world in a totally different light. My art work has taught me love of color and the patience to make it “just right.” My medium is colored pencil with a few watercolors.

My picture sizes range from 4″ X 6” to 14″ X 14.” All are matted and framed. I choose mats and frames to complement and enhance the artwork.

Prices include taxes, image size are shown along with shipping costs required for the picture to arrive safely. If you live locally, contact me to make arrangements and avoid shipping.